Serious Jenga

Endless educational possibilities with this classic game

Blocks Wood Game Jenga Wooden Table In the same way Monopoly, Taboo or Bingo can be adapted for educational purposes, Jenga can have multiple applications in your classroom. This way these games become so-called serious games. With a bit of creativity the little blocks can be made into a fun activity for learners of most ages and in many subjects. If you're unsure, you can get already developed concepts for a small fee online (for example from the SuperHero Teacher site). You can write on the blocks directly or use glue and paper that can be easily removed for and swapped over for new contents.

Just a couple of inspirations:

  • to learn a language - add key vocabulary on the blocks; students can only take the block out if they know the term in their mother tongue (or vice versa).
  • to learn basic math - blocks have numbers on them and students have to add these up as they go.
  • to learn more advanced math - students have equations on them and students are only allowed to keep a block when they get the right answer.
  • to learn any topic - add quizz questions on the blocks, which have to be answered by the student if they want to keep the block.

Another way to engage your students is an activity that involves them to create a game with the Jenga blocks and a particular subject.

Resources needed: Jenga blocks, printer, paper, stickers, glue, ideas 😉