Forbidden Words: Pedagogical Terminology

This game is useful for students to refine their knowledge about pedagogical terms.

This game is best created as a group work by the students themselves. This can happen over years and with multiple cohorts. In an initial session the class is divided in groups of 4-6 students. In these groups, students are supposed to come up with at least 3 relevant pedagogical terms that they may need to define or apply in an exam. Once they have their three (or more) key terms, they have to start coming up with the 5 taboo words. Already this activity is excellent to refine the students' understanding of the terms. Then the groups can create initial taboo cards with the key term plus 5 taboo words.

Once all cards have been collected (either in the same lesson, or at a later date) the class should do a trial run of their taboo game. This can happen in groups or the entire class can guess. In this process, the cards can be refined (e.g. better taboo words when term was explained too easily). Eventually the teacher can create proper taboo cards with the revised contents (e.g. printed, laminated). The game can then be extended and updated by new student cohorts.

Material: paper, pens, computer, laminator

The activity can be easily adapted for other topics. See here an example in accounting (in German): Image TABU Rechnungswesen