Create a board game as evaluation

Create a board game as evaluation:
Starting point:
The students have been working with crime fiction short stories for 14 days. They have practiced vocabulary, read 3 different short stories, and they have written a crime fiction short story themselves.

The objectives of the crime fiction course:
• To recognise genre features.
• Get to know analysis tools and use the tool to understand the use of narrator, time, point of view, characterization of characters and environment, composition, language, and style.

Purpose of the evaluation:
The purpose of the evaluation is to check to what extent the students have acquired knowledge
corresponding to the professional objective and to assess whether they recognise the means used
based, among other things, on short sentences.

Teacher/students produce a board game à la Trivial Pursuit for this purpose.
The students decide the expression of the board. Get inspiration here:
Make Your Own Board Game For Kids (homeschool-activities.com)
It can be a physical board or a online board.

Small cards are produced with knowledge questions and short sentences, for instance:

When drawing a card, students must respond to the question of knowledge or determine the means used in the sentences.
The students are divided into groups and each group plays. When a student draws a card, he/she replies, and the group approves or rejects.
If there is a problem, the teacher is the judge. The students' ability to answer the questions indicate whether the objectives have been achieved or not.

Interpretation of the evaluation results:
Once each group has found a winner, the students evaluate how the game has worked,
and whether the professional objectives can be said to have been achieved.
Teachers and students discuss the result, and the learning outcome will be the basis for the planning of the next course.

The concepts from the crime fiction short story sequence are passed on in a new context: the poetry genre, and new instruments.
– characteristic of the lyrics – is added.

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