Clock Bingo

Type of activity:
Teacher-led with students working individually or in pairs in larger classes.
The following description is for use in English class, but this activity can also be used in primary school math class.

BINGO   Time

Go to Senteacher.org and create a bingo set or use the example sheet below. One card per student or one per pair if there are more than 10 students in the class. If you plan to play the game twice, give each student two cards to start.

Grammar points:
Telling the time – It’s o’clock/past/to/quarter/half/etc.


  1. Give out the Bingo cards. Allow students a few minutes to look through the times they have before you start. You might like to do a quick revision of how times are expressed.
  2. Cut up the caller sheet into individual time cards. Put them into a container and draw them out one at a time. Say the time on the card. If the students have a clock on their cards that shows that time, they cross it out.
  3. Continue until a student has crossed out every clock, at which point they shout 'BINGO!'
  4. Now stop the game and ask the student to say the time on each clock they have crossed out. Check with the time cards that these times have been called out.
  5. If a mistake has been made, continue with the game until somebody has won.
  6. You can then play again with different cards for further revision. This time it might be a good idea to walk round the classroom with the cards in the container, asking individual students to pick one out and read out the time to the rest of the class.

Image BINGO Time FiveMinuteIntervals 10Players

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