Pacific: A serious game for learning about leadership and management

Pacific is an online serious game that helps students to understand and apply terms related to leadership and team management aiding to develop their soft skills in a persuasive and game-based learning environment.


The game resembles an adventure where players are trying to survive and solve challenges such as leading their team to escape a desert island after a plane crash. The narrative of the game is related to exerting leadership and team-based skills for escaping from complex and open in-game challenges. Managing, motivating and inspiring the team are key game ingredients for achieving the in-game goals and especially for escaping the dessert island. Communication is an integral part of the game and a key feature of being a leader, therefore the game builds on helping players to develop communication skills for networking and connecting with other players.

As a competency and skills enabling game, Pacific attempts to help students to develop the following leadership and management competencies:

  • Leadership skills and managing teams
  • Techniques and strategies to increase team effectiveness, efficiency and motivation
  • Processes for learning how to delegate tasks, how to provide feedback and how to practice coaching
  • Learning how to resolve conflict and provide rewards and credit to the team

Find out more about the game here.