Be a teacher

Divide the class into small groups of 3-4 students.
Each group has a drawn/chosen/assigned subject.

Now each group must produce a lesson (lessons) that teaches their subject to the rest of the class.

The groups can now decide whether they want to produce analog or digital learning and they also have to make sure that the lessons they produce are viable both in class and online.

Another variation is - Speed dating:
Each student draws, chooses or is assigned a subject (Smaller subjects) and each has to prepare a 5 minutes presentation, that can be done at a table (Like in speed dating). Half the class will be teachers and the other half will be students (To speed things up) and then they switch between tables until they are done. Then students/teachers switch and go again.
There is a lot of ways to do the switching, and you really have to try it out to get a feeling of what works with your students.

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