A Ludo Quiz Game.
Items needed: Ludo Gameboard, dice, pieces to move around and Quiz cards.

Ludo Gameboard: Print out the gameboard. For longer use, you can laminate the board. You can also make it bigger by printing on a A3 size paper.

Dice: You can choose to use a normal dice with 6 sides, or for example one with 4 sides.

Pieces: you can use anything that can fit in the places in the start area – rubber, small paper balls in the right color or real game pieces.


Quiz cards: Depending on your subject and level, you, or the people in the class, must make quiz cards.
If there are 15 people in the class and they all make 7 quizzes each, then you have over 100 quizzes and can use all the quizzes to each game.
If you print a “whole game” in one color, and another game in another color, then it’s easier to keep the Quiz Game’s separated if you would use it again some other time.

How to play the game:
The game is turn based – Place your pieces in the start area.
The pieces are locked till you, depending on the dice you use, roll the highest, or one of the two highest numbers on the dice. Each time it’s your turn you roll the dice and take a Quiz card. You must answer correct to the question to gain access to move your pieces the number, or the number of eyes, shown on the dice. You may only move one piece per roll.
You may only roll one time in your turn – unless you decide that you can roll again if you roll the highest number – or maybe the lowest number.
You must move your pieces all the way around the board in the white squares before you can go up to the middle on your own color, and safe your piece when you hit the center.
The player that saves all his or her pieces first wins.
If someone should make a roll and answer correctly to the piece that lands on your piece, your piece is “knocked home to the start area” – unless you already have 2 or more pieces on the same square – then it’s the other player that gets knocked home. This is also applicated if you have 1 or more pieces on your own color house – this is where you move from the “start area” to the squares on the board.

Image Ludo