The Missing Dates

Image Cards

10-15 minutes

Type of activity:
Communication activity. The students work in pairs.

Practice the grammar rules about dates; ordinal numbers - how they are used and pronounced and the pronunciation of the letters.
Print and copy one sheet per pair. Cut it into two - student A and B.

How to play the game:
Divide the class into pairs - A and B.
Hand out the cards to the students - A and B.
Tell the students to hide the cards from their partner.
Explain how to play the game: Each partner has got the information, the other one is missing. The students take turns to ask and answer, e.g., student A asks: What's the date in square G2? Student B answers: It's the 20th. When the students have written all their missing dates, they compare their squares.
The students start together and stop at the end of the time given by the teacher.
If some of the pairs finish before the time given, they mark, wait and remain silent.
Feedback: In pairs, let the students correct each other's cards. In plenum you could evaluate the activity and ordinal numbers.