Karriere Games (German)

Karriere Games is a compendium of German speaking DGBL games as serious games with career and job backgrounds.

It is part of the Swisse career portal karriere.ch with its mission to provide career-conscious individuals with concrete and individual support from the start of their basic education, throughout their career and up to retirement, with helpful tips, services and information. Karriere.ch has evolved from the career center of the education portal www.ausbildung-weiterbildung.ch, where selected services such as educational counseling, the dream job tool, the application document check and much more have been made available since September 2007.

With Karriere Games you can train different personal skills with DGBL games framed within career and job defining scenarios.

Examples (German only):

a, Trainers’ qualities

Conflict resulution
a, Teaching at VET schools
b, Work with people in need of care

Best-selling qualities
a, Additional selling on telephone consulting
b, Promotional information in the school secretary’s office
c, Lohngame - improving personal skills to handle wage negotiations