Swift Playgrounds

The following information is based on the research of:
Vincent Schiller (author):
Digital Game Based Learning am Beispiel der Programmierung in der Unity Engine (Original title)
(Digital Game Based Learning using the example of Programming in the Unity Engine; Engl. translation of the title)
Source: https://slub.qucosa.de/api/qucosa%3A70597/attachment/ATT-0/

"Swift Playgrounds is a game in which a strongly gamified interaction between programming in an established language and the graphical representation of the representation of the written code in a virtual game world. Even if no storyline, the emotional connection to the amusingly animated game characters ensures constant animated game characters provides constant motivation to continue playing. In particular by the sandbox principle to discover and try out new game outcomes. Since already known programming modules are constantly revisited, there is a lasting improvement in the ability to remember them." (Schiller, 2020)

Image source: https://docs-assets.developer.apple.com/published/5c62e2e990/06907224-ffae-4142-8e72-094bde037431.png

Target audience

  • beginner programmers from intermediate level
  • app developers of any age

Learning objectives

  • learn the basics of Swift (Apple's app programming language)


  • The user has to solve increasingly difficult puzzles with his game character in order to get to the next level.
  • puzzles to get to the next level
  • The main goal is to collect gems.


  • Child-friendly, colorful and highly saturated
  • High-resolution 3D models in comic style
  • Chessboard-like level design on free-floating islands
  • Fun sounds and relaxing music


  • Programming in Swift
  • Screen divided into programming and game areas
  • Written code can be executed and tested immediately
  • Input is made via text window with automatic completion
  • A list shows the player which inputs he can make
  • Constantly new content in the form of programming challenges and levels created by the community
  • Explanation of the game's content and how it can be used
  • levels created by the community
  • Explanation of the elements through speech bubbles or screen-filling


  • iPad

Game duration

  • High number of levels
  • Few minutes per level

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