Teemew is a gamified application. It's part of the Gate:VET platform. Available on mobile and web interface, it contains information about Game-based learning.

Users are invited to explore the content through a wide range of activities: articles, quizzes and other mini games.

The activities relate to 3 themes: educational sheets, glossary and training of trainers. Every day, selected activities are identified to guide the teachers throughout the methodologies and tools that will help them integrate game-based learning approches into their daily practice. Users can also navigate freely through the content.

Users can follow their progression on their own profile and see their position in comparison to others on the leaderboard.

The articles in the application can connect the user to more detailed information, directly on third parties websites or on the GATE:VET wiki.

You can find here a quick presentation of the application and more information about Teemew on Manzalab's website.

And you can freely download GATE:VET Teemew for Android and iOS or use it online on WebGL.