educational sheet

Within the GATE:VET wiki, an educational sheet is a wiki entry that contains the description of a Game-based learning activity or best practice example. The description is brief and concise, emphasising key points and providing the most necessary details to reproduce the activity for your own teaching purposes. The educational sheet will also list the materials that will be needed and any relevant links.

Please note that most our entries can be adapted in multiple learning contexts (just check out this example). As a result, it's pretty hard sorting them according to subjects. Of course you can still search for particular subjects with our search function. We're hoping though you'll embrace the creative inspiration of the many fun resources available and adapt them to your needs. ES 2
ES 3 All our educational sheets are assigned to various categories to help you search for relevant materials. You can browse the different categories to help you find your way. For example, if you're looking for short activities that are suitable as a quick warm-up for your class or just to fill some time, check out activities that take 5-10 minutes.
Of course, you may want to apply multiple categories to find the most suitable resources. The best way to do this is via our search. Please see our instructions to help you apply multiple search filters. In the search you can also find entries with particular topics, e.g. math or biology.ES 4
ES 1 If you are unsure what the different categories mean (especially when you are authoring your own wiki entry), check out the GATE:VET glossary for details.

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