SoloLearn is a platform where users can learn how to code. The platform offers a large collection of lessons (for web browser or as app) available for absolute beginners to advanced learners.

"Although the playful factor of this serious game is exclusively based on the principle of a quiz instead of elaborate game worlds, it has already reached 35 million people (see: SoloLearn). One possible reason for this is the constant comparison with others and the uncertainty of which opponent will be played against next. If a quiz round is won, the reward in the form of experience points (and thus a better position in the community) generates an increased motivation. If the player wants to keep his position, he has to play constantly, which should have a positive effect on the memory, because the tasks are often very similar and the player repeats constantly." (Schiller, 2020 | Source)

Target group

  • Beginners and advanced programmers aged 12 and above

Learning objectives

  • To make programming concepts more understandable through short, daily exercises.
  • To facilitate the introduction to programming


  • Modern and flat
  • Code examples are clearly visually separated from other texts
  • Besides text and icons (which are partly animated) no graphical implementation
  • Little sound design, only single warning sounds


  • Programming courses for different languages
  • Downloadable certificate at the end of a course
  • Division of the courses into lessons followed by a quiz
  • Quiz game against other players from the community
  • Programming challenges against the community
  • Both the completion of courses and other challenges challenges give the player experience points, which increase his rank in the community
  • Explanation of elements through speech bubbles in appropriate places


  • Mobile
  • Computer/Laptop

Game duration

  • Less than one minute per quiz round

Official website: