Phone Number Bingo

Image Bingo Telephone Numbers Teachers Board & Numbers Image Bingo Telephone Numbers Student Cards

A teacher or student-led activity.
The students work individually or in pairs.

Bingo TelephoneNumbers

Approximately 10 minutes per game.

Print and copy the Teacher's Board and the Teacher's Numbers.
Cut up the Teachers Numbers and put the 24 squares in e.g., a small box or bag.
Cut up the student's cards and hand one card out to each student or per pair.
The students can switch cards if you plan to play the game more than once.
Cover the rules of how to say telephone numbers in English before playing the game. (E.g., the numbers are said one at a time, 0 = oh, double two: e.g., 55 = double 5).
Let the students study their card with telephone numbers before the game starts.

How to play the game:
Choose a caller: The teacher or a student.
The caller draws out a number from the box, says it out loud and places it on the board.
The students cross out the number if they have it on their card.
When a student has all the telephone numbers crossed, he or she marks and shouts “Bingo”.
The game stops - and the caller asks the student to mention his or her crossed numbers, meanwhile checking if the numbers have been called on the board.
If the student has made a mistake, the game continues until another student has won.
Choose a new caller and play more games.