The GATE:VET glossary was created to help you better understand some of the descriptions of and approaches used in Game-Based Learning activities. You may have come across some of these terms already. We also use them in this wiki to describe and categorise the educational sheets. So, most categories used to organise the educational sheets will be explained in the glossary. There are eight categories: game feature, game genre, keyterm, learning approach, learning mode, link collection and theory.

You can, for example, learn more about various game features, learning approaches or learning modes, to help you better understand some of the descriptions of educational games. Tools Game Features

Tools Key Terms You can also check out our key terms and game genre descriptions to learn more about the basics and general terminology of GBL. If you want to digg a little deeper, you may also find the theories related to GBL very interesting.

Also the tools section may be of interest to you! This is where we introduce a whole range of (mostly) digital tools and resources that will help you integrate more GBL activities into your classroom.Glossary Tools

Glossary LinkCollection Check out our link collections if you're interested in browsing GBL resources and materials in particular areas.

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