Multiple Filters Search

Applying multiple search filters is easier than you'd think

While it can be fun to browse through various entries for inspiration, sometimes you may need a more target-oriented approach. This is where the search with multiple filters comes in handy. When you go to <Search> from our main menu you can find useful content in a number of ways.You don't even need a keyword to search for resources that fit certain criteria.

Step 1: In the Search, press <Lookup> and a window will pop up with all categories that we use in the wiki (see image below).

Step 2: Here you can select the options that you're looking for. If you are only looking for practical examples, make sure you also select the category EDUCATIONAL SHEETS.

Step 3: You can select as many categories as you like, then press <Add to filter>.

Step 4: Your categories will appear in the lower text box.

Step 5: Now just press <Search> and all educational sheets with the respective categories will be listed (see image below).