Two facts and lie

Adapt this well-known icebreaker activity into lesson warm-up activity

Most people know Two Truths and a Lie, a popular and little preparation effort icebreaker activity. You can adapt it easily into a short quiz as class warm-up or whole class activity.

As class warm-up: You could have one little mini-quiz at the beginning of every lesson. There are three statements about a topic that was discussed in the previous lesson. One will be untrue. For example, in geography class you could have:

  1. Germany's longest river is the Rhine.
  2. Germany is landlocked
  3. Germany is not a monarchy

You can use questions as difficult, specific, funny, silly, provocative etc. as you wish. Sometimes these can also function as discussion starters.


As whole class activity: Here your students are tasked to create their three facts. They can use their resources to come up with the facts. You can also turn this into a research training activity and have them use the internet to fact-check their own facts before they share them with the class. Ideally you' start with your three facts and the student guessing the correct wrong fact, can then proceed to share their three facts.