Osric Bingo Card Generator

Osric Bingo Card Generator
Image source: Osric.

The Osric Bingo Card Generator is a simple way for anyone to create their own bingo cards.

Simply plot a title and a word list (words should be separated by commas – no spaces) into the form, and the you’re ready to generate your bingo cards.

The limited customization options include free space, card size (number of squares), and the number of cards you would like to generate.

You can then print the bingo cards and hand them out in class. Alternatively (especially in a virtual classroom setting), you can either have your students generate the own card(s) from your word list, as the generated cards are “playable” in the browser (clicking a square on the card will cover it with a marker), or you can cut each card out as a screenshot image and distribute them digitally to your students, who can then use an app like MS Paint or Class Notebook to cross out squares.

The bingo cards can for example be used when training vocabulary in language classes.
Leisure Times Activities Bingo
As the game host/caller, you will separately have to generate word slips to draw from when calling the words out. A way to do this is to print the word list and cut a slip with each word. You can then bunch the paper slips or place them in a bag or bowl and draw them from there during the game.

Call out words from the word list until one of the students get either a full row or a full card and yells out “Bingo!”. Have the student repeat the words on their card as oral practice and as a check to see if all the words match the called words.

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