Tell a picture

Tell a picture (ESL/EFL)
5-10 minutes.

Type of activity:
Conversation, description, vocabulary training.

Find two pictures online (Picture A and picture B. The pictures can be random, or related to a theme.
This exercise can be done either on a screen in the classroom or you can print out the pictures as a handout. If the pictures are printed you will need a set of two different pictures for each pair of students.

Divide students into pairs, student A and student B.
With a screen:
Ask all A students to turn their backs to the screen.
Show picture A on the screen.
Student B must now describe the picture in as much detail as possible:
What type of picture is it? (photograph, painting, drawing, etc.).
What do we see in the picture?
What is the main focus?
What is in the background and/ or periphery?
What are the colours like?
What is the mood in the picture like?
Student A can ask questions along the way.
Switch and repeat.
With printed picture
The same principle applies, but student A and B are handed the pictures and must not show them to each other before describing them.
Can be done as a walk and talk.