A Genetics Survival Game

Niche Screenshot Island Niche Img2
Source: Stray Fawn Studio

Keeping an animal tribe from extinction is a tough task! While wandering through all kinds of different environments like snowy mountains, hot savannas and grassy hills, you must constantly adapt your animals to their surroundings. Find different strategies for survival and breed your animals smartly, all based on real genetics.

Keep your eyes wide open and you will learn a lot about Biology while playing this game: heredity, dominant / recessive and co-dominant. The game is based on the 5 pillars of population genetics, so it gives a rough idea about natural selection (represented by the environment), mutation (controlled by the player), sexual selection (controlled by the player), genetic drift and genetic flow (represented by wild animals joining your group).

Niche is available free of charge for schools and teachers. Visit Niche Games for more information and to request the free download.