GameStar Mechanic

Gamestar Mechanic is a game-based digital learning platform designed to teach the guiding principles of game design and systems thinking in a highly engaging and creative environment.It is similar to Scratch game-authoring environment but the focus is more on storytelling, aesthetics and design rather than coding.

Who is the target audience?
The target audience for Gamestar Mechanic is students in the 4th to 9th grade range, but that segment is by no means restrictive. It is designed to appeal to both boys and girls and does not assume any prior game design or programming experience for the students.


Designing games build skills such as:

  1. Design thinking
  2. Systems thinking
  3. Problem solving
  4. aesthetics and character and environment design
  5. Writing and storytelling
  6. logic

Who teaches with GameStar Mechanic?
Gamestar Mechanic is suitable for use in a variety of formal and informal learning environments across the following curriculum areas: 21st Century Skills, STEM Learning, Digital Media, Art, Science and Language Arts.
It has been designed to work in both formal and informal learning environments including: schools, after-school programs, home schools, libraries, community centers, tutoring centers, museums and camps.

Technical requirements
To use the Gamestar Mechanic program, there are certain technical prerequisites. Because the software is web-based, the students must have access to at least one computer with Internet access permission to contact the GamestarMechanic Website.