Get your students to learn about climate change

KEEP COOL mobil is a mobile simulation game on climate change and climate policy for (learner) groups of up to 50 players aged 14 and older. As the mayor of a large city, the players determine their strategy for economic growth and collect victory points. Before major climate conferences, the players influence their governments and thus international climate policy. But beware: no matter how successful the individual economy is - everyone must keep climate change in mind together. If global warming increases by 2°C, everyone loses! KEEP COOL mobile is playable on desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Resources needed:
- Internet connection/wifi
- Mobile devices: All common tablets and smartphones (operating systems: Android or iOS), minimum screen size of 4 inches. Keep Cool mobile also runs on desktop computers.
- Browser recommendation: Google Chrome, but the game also runs in Mozilla Firefox and Safari. Attention: The game will not run in Internet Explorer.