ITyStudio is an authoring tool for Serious Games and 2D and 3D simulations.

It has been designed to address any customers’ needs for optimizing training process and actions, e.g.:

  • Educational designers
  • Content Authors
  • Industry experts
  • e-Learning Project Managers
  • Training Managers
  • Multimedia editors

With this authoring tool solution you can create:
A. Behavioural simulations
B. Games with interactive maps
C. Software or technical training

ITyStudio Settings

Working options
A. Behavioural simulations

  • The possibility to simulate the most diverse situations (in management, sales force, communications, etc.) using ITyStudio and its library of characters and varied settings
  • Use of avatars and choose of their movements and attitudes from a variety of available options free of charge

B. Games with interactive maps

  • Integrate maps with clickable boxes in your simulations, resulting in several possible scenes within your module
  • Build a rich and diversified tree structure very simply, for a genuinely interactive training experience

C. Software or technical training

  • Simulate the handling of products and services by integrating elements of your choice within your tree structure
  • Create rich and varied product training with a genuine choice of actions, by alternating manipulation and discussions between operators and managers for example

ITyStudio Media

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