Energy Game with Post-Its

Science level (E) – Electricity.

Items needed: Post-Its, and something to write with.

All the students write down between 5 -10 different electrical items/tools from their own homes – 1 item per Post-Its – example: lamp, computer, vacuum cleaner, air compressor, hair dryer, oven, etc.

How to play the game:
All the Post-Its get placed randomly on 1 wall in the class.
The class group up in pairs.
The pairs must transport all the Post-Its from the first wall to the opposite wall in the class – in a level from the floor from which they know or think the item/tool uses in energy.
So, an item that uses only a little energy when used - like a LED lamp - must be transported close to the floor for example between the two students’ shoes – and then placed very low on the new wall. An item that uses a lot of energy when used – like an outdoor warmer – must be transported far from the floor for example between the heads (or hands high above the head) – and then be placed very high up on the new wall.
When all the Post-Its are placed on the opposite wall, the class can discuss the energy use of some of the placed Post and agree whether they have been placed correctly.
A lot of different opinions will occur as some may have invested in a low energy household water heater, where others may have a heater that uses a lot of energy.