Concept Match - Memory Game

Students are divided into teams of 3-4 people and they are being handed x numbers of sheets with concepts. Subsequently the students must write a definition of the concept on a new sheet. The word itself must not be used in the definition.

An example could be, figurative language, which is defined as words or expressions that are using its figuratively meaning instead of its literal.

When a team have finished writing the definitions of the concepts, they will swap the game with another team. Then you have a memory or pairing game with concepts and definitions, which the teams should try to pair/match.

The game is intended as a repetitive game where you practice the concepts that have been introduced during the classes.

In the subject of Danish, it can be used in various contexts. The example above with figurative language derives from a course in poetry analysis.

The game has a didactic focus on learning trough social interaction. The game is initially intended to be played as an analogue game, but can also be played through a digital outlet.