Dicy Questions

The game can be played in any classroom, as it is the student who asks the questions. I’ve mostly done this as a “What did you learn today” test, so we’ve had these rounds after we’re done studying a subject.

1. All students with a computer or phone search find virtual dice online (for example here), or the teacher can provide dice for all students. (Use 2 or more dice depending on student count)
2. All students will in turn ask a question about the subject, that they themselves are unsure of or didn’t understand.
3. Now, the game can be played in 2 ways:
a. All the students (except the one asking the question) have to roll the dice. The highest number has to answer the question.
b. Same as above, but only students who know the answer roll the dice.
5. To spice up the game in 3a, a student can ask the teacher for help. The teacher can only answer in a non-verbal way (I’ve done a lot of charades ?)
6. When the question has been answered, the next student will ask a question (back to step 2) and so on.

(If you make your own version of the game, I would love to hear your experiences and game model in the comments)