3. Adding entry categories

When getting to the Categories section, you will first see a long list of all categories available. This may be a bit confusing at first, but please make sure you add categories carefully as they form the basis of the content organisation and will help users navigate the wiki.

Step 1: You must select (i.e. tick the box) one of either main category (GLOSSARY OR EDUCATIONAL SHEETS); you must not tick both (i.e. an educational sheet can never also be a glossary term).

Wiki Guidelines 3

Step 2: Once you have selected the main category, you can add your category items (Tip: collapse the main category that you have not selected – see images below).

Wiki Guidelines 4

There should not be too many additional/new glossary terms but you may need/want to add some additional ones.

Glossary terms can be added in multiple subcategories (i.e. a term could be a tool and a theory, or a tool and a keyterm).


Educational sheets need to be added in all subcategories that apply. Please consider and add these carefully.

IMPORTANT: A glossary term CANNOT also be an educational sheet.

Step 3: Add internal links to other wiki entries.

Step 4: Save your entry!

Once you save, you can also adjust the size of your images.