The Solarium Game

Solarium1 Solarium2
Source: Sunfleck

SOLARIUM, is about plants and narrative in space. You’re in a distant future in a distant galaxy; this is the visual story telling approach of the game. A race of aliens has cooperated with earthlings to explore the galaxies and documents all forms of life for preservation, just in case their home worlds are destroyed. It’s called the Solarium Initiative. The DNA is taken to an intergalactic botanical study centre where each environment is painstakingly reconstructed. You are a botanist-in-training from earth, and you must visit the earth environments to learn about their plants before setting out on an actual expedition. Answer skill-testing questions, earn points, overcome challenges, and then build your own custom garden of beautiful and strange plants.

Solarium can be accessed and played for free from here

A video tutorial on how to play the game is here