Person Profiles

Image Persons

20 minutes

Type of activity:
Pair work. Information gap. Fill in the missing information.

Revise the grammar rules for asking questions (WH-questions, "DO, DOES & DID" in questions).
Print, copy and hand out a sheet per pair - student A & B.

How to play the game:
Divide the class into pairs. Each pair consisting of a student A and B. You might put a stronger student with a weaker one.
Hand out table A to one student and table B to the other student.
The students must complete the CVs of the four people by filling in the missing information about the persons by asking and answering questions to one another.
Check if the students know what kind of questions to ask and if necessary, write the questions on the whiteboard.
You can set a time-limit and help the students with vocabulary while they are working.
When the time is up, stop the activity and let the students compare their sheets.
Give the students two minutes to memorise the information about the persons, ask them to turn the sheets over and see how much they remember. Write down the names of the four persons on the whiteboard and now, in turns the students must describe the four persons. Writhe down what they mention / can remember.