Online Workshop Icebreaker

Perfect for online workshops where learners don't know each other

This little icebreaker activity can be really useful to make workshop participants comfortable in the online space when they don't really know one another. Online classes are already hard enough when you try to make sure students' motivation remains high, when these students already know one another. But this isn't always the case. You may have to organise an online workshop for a number of participants that have never met. It can be really hard to getting them to talk and engage in the activities you have planned. You need an effective icebreaker!

So try this activity: Already when you send out the workshop invitation, make sure you mention people to have some post-it notes ready (along with other materials they may need for your workshop). When starting the meeting introduce yourself and provide a brief agenda of the day before you get every participant to cover their webcam with a post-it note. Now you ask a range of questions, and whoever would respond to the question with a "Me!", removes the note and shows their face (and waves). This way you and your students can find out about everyone else. Of course, you can follow up with questions and let a little chat evolve between participants.


Examples of questions are:

  • Who is joining from home today?
  • Who was already in a traffic jam today?
  • Who had already their second coffee of the day?
  • Who had a great weekend?
  • Who has already walked their dog today?
  • Who got up before 6am today?
  • Who should have gone to bed earlier last night?

You need: Post-it stickers