CodinGame is a game-like web app where you solve puzzles and challenges by writing real code. Over 25 programming languages are supported, including Java, C#, Python, JavaScript, Lua, Go, Rust, and more. Each puzzle/challenge has a theme (e.g. program the turret to shoot down airships that come too close), which kicks up the fun factor.

CodinGame lets you improve your coding skills with games. It all starts in the IDE, where you will code and test new ideas.
Solo and multiplayer coding games are turn-based: at each turn, your program gets new inputs and must output the action.

"Similar to Swift Playgrounds, CodinGame also involves an interplay between code and the game world, albeit in a more abstract and less uniform way. Each challenge is different and the user must constantly find new ways which are hardly realizable, especially for beginners. For experienced programmers, on the other hand, the platform constantly provides new, exciting challenges, which provide a lot of motivation through comparison with other players from the community." (Schiller, 2020 | Source)

Target Audience

  • Advanced programmers of any age

Learning Objectives

  • To further improve advanced programming skills


  • No coherent story
  • Each challenge has its own self-contained short story, which is more of a starting point for each challenge.


  • 2D graphics with simple animations
  • Mixing of different graphic styles
  • No sound design


  • Free choice of programming language
  • Split screen into programming, game, explanation and review areas
  • "Clash of Code" - Programming challenges against players of the community
  • Achievements and experience points for different challenges
  • There are no input limitations, but only console output can leave the virtual programming environment, the access to files outside the application is thus excluded
  • Solution of the challenge exclusively over console outputs, which are translated into graphic reactions - no direct access to these graphic graphical elements
  • Verification of the tasks by automated comparison with the solution
  • Error output in console
  • Explanation of the elements by speech bubbles at corresponding places


  • Computer/laptop
  • tablet

Game duration

  • Few minutes for the "Clash of Code" challenges
  • Unlimited when solving other challenges

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