Social Justice Monopoly

A game to learn about social injustices

Students learn about social injustice through an adaptation of the well-known and popular game Monopoly. The teacher can use an old Monopoly board and merely has to rewrite the rules. For example: At the beginning, player 1 already owns various streets, hotels and money, while Player 4 starts with no properties and very little capital. The rest of the players will receive varying versions between the two extremes.
Teachers can create additional rules and guidelines. For example, the teacher can rewrite chance cards with differing rules for different players.

Depending on the time available, the game can also be played multiple rounds; this will amplify the recognition of the social injustice.
After the game, which usually only Player 1 can win (and generally wins it quickly, the teacher facilitates a guided discussion.

Materials needed: monopoly board game, paper, pens