Minerva 2 - RPG Maker MV

Minerva 2 is a french-speaking video game made with RPG Maker MV. It's intended to 2nd-year students in secondary school for its content is all about this year's lessons. The student is immersed in a world where the goddess Minerva has lost her powers. In order to recover them, she gives a quest to complete : retrieving her sacred artifacts by buying them to thieves. To buy the objects, the student will have to earn money by the PNJs by answering multiple choices or true/false questions about their lessons (sciences, history, geography, catholic religion, french...). The questions playable are made for Belgian students in a catholic school.
The student can choose either if it's a girl, a boy or an extraordinary being (for genderfluids e.g.) and choose its name at the beginning of the journey.
For its still under beta testing, it might present some glitches. Feel free to comment on the Indiexpo site or here to let me know what could be wrong.
Minerva 2 is just an example of what a teacher could do with RPG Maker MV for students.

Playable online on PC, Mac, smartphones here.