Explain and Guess

Create a deck of game cards (consisting of 12 cards, or as many as you'd like). On each card, write a list of concepts (make sure that it's the same amount of concepts on each card).
Card example (math concepts, but it could be any subject):

  • Linear function
  • Radius
  • Parabola
  • Hypotenuse
  • Boxplots

Divide the students into groups of four (five, if it doesn't add up). Each group is divided into two teams. One person from Team 1 draws a card from the deck, and a timer is set to one minute (or however long you'd like). The person with the card now has to explain the concepts to their team mate, who has to guess the concept (the words on the card are not allowed to be used in the explanation). Explain And Guess

When the time is up, the group counts the number of correctly guessed concepts, and it's then the next team's turn to explain and guess.
The teams take turns explaining and guessing until all the cards in the deck have been drawn, and the winning team will be decided.

It is recommended that the students form new groups and play the game again immediately after the first play-through, as their explanations get better, shorter and more precise.