multimedia learning

Multimedia Learning

Multimedia learning is linked to an active, student-centered approach in which learning can be directed according to the learners' interests and prior knowledge. It involves the use of a wide variety of semiotic tools and resources to help learners apply, analyze, evaluate and create new knowledge, but also to support their own understanding, unleash their creativity, experiment and solve ill-defined problems. These tools can be serious games, virtual worlds, virtual reality, virtual learning environments and mass open online courses (MOOC). These technologies allow us to go beyond standard forms of written and spoken language to connect with the culturally and linguistically diverse environments and multimodal texts mobilized across these landscapes.

Source: C. Jewitt, « Multimodality and Literacy in School Classrooms », Rev. Res. Educ., vol. 32, no 1, p. 241‑267, févr. 2008.