Little Alchemy

This game is useful to arouse curiosity about the elements and chemistry

Little Alchemy is a puzzle game available on the web, iOS and Android. Players start with four basic "elements" — water, fire, air, and earth — on the right side of the screen. Players can then drag and drop these elements to the workspace, combining them pair by pair. When the correct elements are combined, they create a brand-new element; there's generally a logical, if not always scientific, reason for the combination. For example, mixing water with air creates rain, and mixing rain with earth makes plants. The element combinations often add a dose of humor, such as mixing a wild animal with time to make a sloth or a human with a wave to make a surfer. Every time an element gets created, it gets added to the collection column on the right and can be used to make new combinations and elements.

The concept might sound simplistic, but it's a highly addictive experience. It's easy to lose minutes or hours figuring out new combinations and discovering new elements. The game has been updated with sharper graphics and additional elements, bringing the total to 560 elements. Players can right-click on elements to learn the ways they can be created and aim to complete achievements. There are also random built-in hints to help players when they (inevitably) get stuck.

Find the original version here: Little Alchemy. A second version (with 720 items/elements) is also available, find it here: Little Alchemy 2.