Learning should be fun and the use of game-based learning activities in the classroom can be easy. Games can enhance the learning experience and playing can function as an active learning activity. Students are more motivated to learn when their creativity is stimulated. It is great to include some gamified materials and activities in your teaching practice, but it is sometimes difficult to find suitable materials. You may have asked yourself questions like: What’s with all the terms and theories? Do I have the time to get my head around this?

We believe you can definitely get your head around this and it requires less time than you would think. With our project GATE:VET (an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership) we want to support teachers at vocational schools in expanding their methodological repertoire. We want to show you how you can enrich your classes – from introducing basic gamified learning activities into your everyday practice to developing elaborate serious games, whichever way suits you best.

By the way, you can add entries and resources in any language. For example, we have resources in French and German already. You can also use the browser extension Google Translate to use our wiki in more than 50 languages.

There are two main ways you can use the wiki:

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...our glossary terms give you all the background infos...our educational sheets show how Game-Based Learning works in practice

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